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CAP Debt Centre

WBC is excited to be involved locally in the life changing work of CAP - Christians Against Poverty


Christians Against Poverty is a national debt counselling charity with a network of debt centres based in local churches. CAP offers hope and a solution to people in debt through its top quality, in-depth service.

Wallingford Baptist Church, along with Ridgeway Community Church and Cholsey St Mary’s, has partnered with CAP to offer debt counselling in our community.
The service we offer is completely free.

Our local Debt Centre opened in 2015, and well over 100 households have been in touch with the centre to date. As of June 2020 a total of 40 clients have gone completely debt free - what a difference to those 40 households!

It takes a lot of time and holistic support to help an individual or family do this. Several members of WBC volunteer with CAP in different ways and there are lots of opportunities to get involved or give to the work - why not speak to Sue Bright on a Sunday morning?


Call 0800 328 0006 to book an appointment with Wallingford CAP Debt Centre

(Calls from mobiles may be cheaper on 01274 760 839)
Visit to find out more about our services.
CAP News
May 2019: Latest client report launched: Changing Perceptions, which features the incredible story of CAP client Nicky.  It's a truly eye-opening read, shining a light on the reality of life in poverty in the UK. Take a look:

In October 2018 the London School of Economics published a report on the Social Value of CAP's work - it makes amazing reading as you can see from the following extract...

"The service is local, personalised, long term, deals with debt and the causes of debt and is a great help for vulnerable and isolated clients."

The headline value statement is that for around £8.7m expenditure in a year, the value of CAP's work to society is around £31.5m!

If you want to read more go to

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