Sunday Services

We believe church should be for everyone. Whatever your age, personality or background. Whether you have been to church before or not. You can be assured of a very warm welcome at WBC.

Since "Lockdown" we have been meeting for prayer and worship using Zoom and Facebook Live.

We are now allowed to have a limited gathering in the church building.

If you would like to come to a service it would be helpful if you contact Pastor Simon on 07990 835 246 or email him. Please do consider coming back to join with us to worship on a Sunday morning (if you aren't shielding or unwell!) We have to wear face coverings, keep our distance and refrain from singing, but it's so good to gather together as we worship our Lord!

A full risk assessment has been done and can be downloaded from our resources area here. It would be a good idea for you to read this document which outlines how things will be different and what to expect.

Zoom remains a great way to join with the church family to worship, particularly if you are shielding/unwell/on holiday/want to join in with singing! We can see each other's faces, sing as loudly as we like, drink tea, and enjoy fellowship in "break out rooms" at the end. Unfortunately there is a time lag so we can’t un-mute you during the singing, but do allow us to see you singing and involve the children perhaps by standing up, dancing, waving flags, playing musical instruments… Contact us if you haven't got Zoom details.

Alternatively, join livestreams on Facebook or YouTube. And do share these links with friends and neighbours!

Online giving is now available in case you are missing giving via the offering plate as part of your worship.


Watch a recent service here:

Or browse the Sunday Services playlist on our YouTube channel for the full back-catalogue since April!