Life Groups

Life Groups are arguably the core activity of our church, with most of our members involved in one.

We have a number of small groups located in and around the area. We can put you in touch with a small group leader who will be more than happy to invite you along to their group. Go along and try it out!

Generally, most life groups exist to study the Bible, encourage members to grow in their Christian faith, and develop deep friendships, with partners and friends being welcomed to occasional socials.

During Covid-19 lockdown, Life Groups have been using Zoom to do virtual meetings. From October (assuming no drastic change in government advice) smaller groups of up to 6 are starting to meet in the church building, while others will still meet via zoom, and some will use a combination for zoom and face to face.

Please contact us if you are part of our church family and are not yet in a small group.

Life Group Studies, Autumn term 2020

Study materials and videos are posted on here each week for group study or individual reflection.

Building Strong Faith, Lesson 1: Be Intentional
Be Intentional: Prophecy of Haggai, part 1 (recorded 16 Sept)

Building Strong Faith, Lesson 2: Invest Generously
Lessons from Haggai 2: Invest Generously (recorded 2 Oct)

Building Strong Faith, Lesson 3: Keep on innovating
Lessons from Haggai 3: Innovate (recorded 8 Oct)

Building Strong Faith, Lesson 4: Develop and Imagination
Lessons from Haggai 4: Imagine (recorded 17 Oct)