Worshipping together online

Please contact us for zoom details if you would like to be able to see and be seen by the church community as we worship together. Alternatively, join livestreams on Facebook or YouTube.

From Sunday 4 July we are allowed to have a limited gathering in the church building, and will do so at 10am, but if you would like to come to this you will need to contact Pastor Simon on 07990 835246 as spaces are limited. A full risk assessment has been done and can be downloaded from our resources area here. It would be a good idea for you to read this document which outlines how things will be different and what to expect. The best way to join in with our worship remains on Zoom at this stage - particularly if you want to join in with singing!

Online giving is now available in case you are missing giving via the offering plate as part of your worship.

One of the hardest things to do on zoom is to have freedom to sing and worship together. Unfortunately we can’t un-mute you all as it would cause chaos due to time lag. But do allow us to see you singing and involve the children perhaps by standing up, dancing, waving flags, playing musical instruments…


Watch a recent service here:

If you want to re-watch or share the video we watched on 21 June by Pastor Darryll Stephen, you can find it on YouTube here:

Sunday 31 May - Pentecost

Morning WBC service:

5pm CTWA celebration:

Sunday 24 May

Sunday 17 May

Zoom failed across the UK this morning so we owe a debt of gratitude to all our tech guys who fought to get things working on Facebook live and recorded for those of us who struggled to see/hear it at the time! We have now pulled what was recorded from 11am together on YouTube for you to watch:

Simon's sermon again is in 3 parts on YouTube, here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Sunday 10 May

We tried a different format of online service this week. Here is the recorded live stream of the worship and all age activities. Then the sermon is in 3 parts on YouTube - links below.

Sermon part 1
Sermon part 2

Sermon part 3

To participate in the worship activity, print out of this sheet. You will also need a washable felt tip and a small bowl of water. You may also want something to try and balance on your hand like a chopstick (or spoon), and to print out this cube template. (You might also wish to print this colouring sheet and spot the difference from John 10:7-10 if needed.)


Sunday 3 May - including dedication of baby Nevaeh

We will be starting the service using our Bibles – so please try and help everyone to have one available in your home – preferably a physical one.
I also attach some activities for children (downloaded from https://sundayschoolzone.com/bible-story/jesus-and-the-children/page/2/ where you could find some other more challenging activities) – the main theme I want them to consider is that Jesus wants to bless us and for us to be a blessing to others and the passage is Mark 10:13-16.

A couple of suggestions of how to use some of the activities:

  1. I would love them to do one of the heart shaped activities and for the older children rather than simply writing Jesus loves me or emotions to think of Bible verses they could include.
  2. I love the message in envelope idea and they could use it as a template to write their own message or picture and then you could deliver them in the afternoon to be a blessing.

Sunday 26 April 10.30am - Communion service

First part of sermon re-recorded because of sound issues:

Second half of service:

First part of service (Facebook live stream was interrupted and had to be restarted)

See latest news article where Simon talks about preparing yourselves and children in advance before joining in communion.

You can also download activity sheets for children and crown template in advance.

Sunday 19 April 10.30am

I hope you're able to join us as we worship our risen Lord together. Our theme is “Easter Encounters!”

Thank you to those of you who have shared your photos - we will be showing them during the service.

Children (and adults) please bring instruments, flags to wave so that we can see one another joining in with worship even when we can’t hear one another.

Here are some activities for children to do during the latter part of the service.

Easter Sunday 10.30am

Family/Children preparation
If you can, please download these sheets of Easter activities for children to do during the talk on Easter Sunday morning. We would really love them to create an Easter garden to show at the end but this might take some preparation from you beforehand. Also any decorated eggs or stones they have done or will do during the talk would be good to see. So please print off and read before Sunday.

In the children’s spot I will also be creating a ‘tree of life’ from 4 or 5 sheets of newspaper which they may want to attempt.

Good Friday, 10 April

8pm service - remembering his death - the cross.

11am service
where we were joined by people from all Wallingford and surrounding village churches as we focussed on Jesus’ death.

This was an all age service (with children’s activities suggested for the latter part of the service)

More info here

Order of service for download.

Worksheets for children:
1. Why did Jesus have to die? Discussion questions, sorry prayers, and crown making activity
2. Jesus' words from the cross. Thinking about feelings, and modelling clay activity (with recipe)


Palm Sunday, 5 April

Sorry, we had technical difficulties with the Facebook livestream this morning. We will try to upload things afterwards.

Children's talk with road signs (incomplete)

Message from Pastor Simon:

  1. Prepare something to wave in worship – you can improvise with anything you can find but as a family you could design and make a family flag or you could make some hand prints, cut around them and stick them to a stick or lolly stick to make ‘palm’ branches. (children could also check out  https://youtu.be/lTmbTuutBgg)
  2. If you have children print out these worksheets for them to do as Amanda speaks. The first few sheets are things you can do as a family before or after the service. The last few can be printed off for them to do during Amanda’s talk. They could also make a family flag or handprint palm branches during this time.
  3. Have some olive oil or other oil available for the end of the service as Doug leads us in an anointing prayer.


Sunday 29 March

The first part of the service was for all ages. During the sermon children could participate in one or more of the activities suggested below.

Activity ideas for children (Lego, paint, imaginative writing, dance, etc!)
Colouring picture of camel and eye of needle.

Sunday 22 March 2020 - when we were still able to record with a worship team in the building!

Pastor Simon's invitation to today's service.

Sunday 15 March - when we were still allowed a congregation!

We were excited to see our first attempt at a live-streamed service (complete with the worship team warm-up and weird camera angles!) has reached 500+ viewers within 10 hours, including those in isolation and even those in China! We hope it works well for you and encourages you all. If you want to skip to the start of the service with Pastor Simon welcoming you, you need to go to 27 minutes in.