Summer term 

Breakthrough Praise 2 - 7pm, May 5

In January we began the year with an evening of worship as a way of seeing praise as a spiritual weapon to bring in the Lord’s blessing. We believe it made a significant difference and brought many of the blessings we have seen this term. We want to repeat this at the beginning of the summer term so are calling the whole church to join together for an hour of praise - please join us on May 5!

BOLD PRAYER - a new sermon series about prayer in the book of Joshua, Sunday mornings at 10:30am

Pastor Simon says: "This term I am really excited about this series from Joshua – ‘Prayer that overcomes’. I really believe this is a prophetic series for us. What does it mean for us to enter the Promised Land, which is what the book of Joshua is about? Deuteronomy 11 tells us that in the promised land the crops and seeds sown will be watered not by the hard work of human irrigation but by rain from heaven. I believe the promised land for us is when the revival waters of heaven touch our families, our community, our church and the seeds we have sown, the prayers we have prayed with tears will finally be able to be harvested and will not need human effort. So I believe this series will help us see breakthrough in our families, community and church. So do join us every Sunday after Easter as we explore this together."

BOLD TEXT: BOLD PREACHERS - evening services at 7pm

Our evening services this term start with Breakthrough Praise (see above) then Pastor Simon is leading a preaching masterclass - looking at ‘What is preaching?’ ‘How do I prepare to preach?’ ‘How should I listen to preaching?’ This will help preachers and congregation alike think about what we are doing during preaching. This term we have a different preacher each Sunday evening as some people are feeling challenged to share what is on their heart for the church.