This term: #be1make1 

As a church we are beginning 2019 by focusing on being and making disciples.

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On Sunday mornings and in life groups we are studying Luke’s gospel to help us understand what that involves.

We are also encouraging everyone, young and old, to join in with reading Luke’s gospel. You can download a copy of the reading plan which gives 5 chapters of Luke each week (before moving on to other books of the New Testament). There are also copies of Luke’s gospel at church if it would be helpful to have a copy to carry with you to read in quiet moments!

For primary-age children we are encouraging families to read “Diary of a Disciple: Luke’s Story” and we purchased copies with the aim of giving one to each family with a primary-age child. If you still don’t have a copy for your family please let us know and we can order some more as the initial stock may have all been given out.

You may also find it helpful to download this "How to read the Bible" document which has some questions which you may find useful to use as you read. Whether we are new to all this or have been reading our Bibles for decades, whenever we read the Bible we want to be asking God how he wants us to grow and change through hearing his Word. Even if you only have a short time you might be able to ponder some of these questions throughout the day. Perhaps use them as a basis for prayer, asking God what he wants you to understand about Him, about yourself and what you are going to do differently because of what you’ve read.

Discipleship is a life-long journey because there is always more to learn from God about how to be his children. You might want to keep a journal to help you remember all that God says to you this year. We hope we will all be able to find times, both in Life groups and in church services to encourage one another with news of how God is changing us and challenging us.

Catch up on any talks you missed here and Pastor Simon has also written on the subject on his blog.