Sunday 18 Oct info 

Sunday 10:30am

Do join us this Sunday at 10:30am for our communion service. Do join us at church if you are able as we share this family meal together (it would be helpful to know if you do intend to come) or join us on Zoom, Facebook or YouTube. If you are joining us from home do have some bread and wine/grape juice available so you can participate with us.
This week we are looking at the temptation of Jesus – including the truth that ‘humans do not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.’ So to help make church an experience for your children how about making bread or pancakes together before church starts and sitting down with pancakes and toppings. You could be creative in spelling out Jesus or cross shape or… We would love to show them. You could also think of making a tower of pancakes/toast!!! Also it would be helpful to have some playdough for them (you can easily google a recipe and they can make it). There are also some Luke 4 activity sheets you could print.
If you are joining us online we really appreciate you getting involved on these mediums by letting us know you are with us and joining in by using the comments or message options so we can feel a truly gathered community.

Sunday school at church, 3pm this Sunday

SplashGang (yrs R-2) and SuperGang (yrs 3-6) are meeting at church this Sunday afternoon. If you would like your child to come along please let me know. Could you please send your child with a drink and a snack. And Hilary asks for SuperGang if they are able to bring some colouring pencils or felt tips, that would be helpful, but not essential.


I hope your new 6’s Life groups have started well. If you are not part of a 6 please let me know. These will be the best way for us to care for you as we enter a difficult winter. Do remember the material is available for all from our Life Groups page for those group wanting to watch the video before they meet or for those who need to do the study on their own.

Youth worker coordinator 

I am delighted to be able to tell you that we have appointed Rhonda Sparrey for this year to this role. She will start on the 1st November. This is a part time role and we will be sharing more later. But do pray for Rhonda, we are feeling blessed and excited about all that Rhonda will bring to this role.
Looking forward to catching up with you all one way or another on Sunday.
Warmly in Jesus,