Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning 


Really excited that Andy Flute is coming to share his testimony Saturday (tomorrow) at 5:30pm.

01 Andy Flute event

Do invite friends to hear this testimony of Jesus still changing lives. We are praying the Lord will use this to change lives tomorrow. If you are able to join us at the club, do let John or I know. Otherwise join online!

Do join us this Sunday at 10:30am for our all age family service.

There is still space at church if you are wanting to come and bring your families (but do let me know).
Or join us on Facebook or YouTube or via Zoom. If you are able we really appreciate you getting involved on these mediums by letting us know you are with us and joining in by using the comments or message options so we can feel a truly gathered community.
It will be a service suitable for ages and we will be looking at the ministry of MAF. But a couple of simple craft activities attached if helpful (MAF prayer cube; MAF prayer lily). And please all have some plain A4 paper to hand.


Please support our gift day to the ministry of MAF and give generously as you are able (more info).

And this harvest also think of supporting Foodbank directly with donations or as we have suggested learn a new skill to share – create and cook a meal for someone as an expression of thanks to the Lord for his goodness to you and to spread his love with others.
Any questions on any of these services do get in touch.

Warmly in Jesus,