Sunday June 28 

Dear Everyone,
On Sunday we are continuing our series on revival and will be looking at the valley of dry bones from Ezekiel 37. In this passage the word of God and Spirit of God combined to resurrect an army. This is my prayer for Sunday that as we gather to hear the Word of the Lord and allow the Spirit to move among us then we will become an army that will see God’s kingdom advance - not with weapons of this world but the weapons of the word of our testimony and the blood of the Lamb.

So do join us…but be warned you may be resurrected and commissioned into a great army!

We will be sharing communion together so please have some bread and wine/grape juice available as well. (& drinks and snacks for children).
We will be on our YouTube channel and Facebook but as usual we would really encourage as many as possible to join us on Zoom at 10:30am. (Contact us if you don't have the log in details.)

For Children

During the children’s spot there will be a quiz which I hope your families will answer by being creative with pasta and/or straws/and or string. So please have pasta or similar available.
During the talk, I would encourage your children to make pasta/straw creations – hopefully skeletons of people/hands/dinosaurs. Or to join the pasta ‘bones’ together in making a bracelet or necklace. Here are a couple of templates but if you google pasta skeletons the pictures should inspire. This also includes some "nothing is impossible" colouring and a maze.

Let us continue to invite friends and family to join us live, or do share on Facebook or You Tube so others can see the presence of God among us and pray that the Lord will grow our church locally, nationally and even internationally at this time.

See you all Sunday and let us encourage one another as we choose to worship Jesus together.
Warmly in Jesus,