Sunday 17 May 

Dear all,

I am really excited about joining together for worship on Sunday. Just a reminder we will NOT be on Facebook live at 10:30am but only on Zoom. [Do contact us if you don't have the details] This is to help us have greater fellowship and interaction without being worried about what is in the public domain. We plan to publish something on Facebook (edited highlights) later in the day. The theme of the service is ‘party’ so please dress up in your ‘party best’ and bring along your favourite party snack. 

We will also be sharing in the Lord’s Supper. Again we believe it is important that we continue to do this together as a way of declaring and proclaiming our faith at this time and a way of receiving the presence and peace of Christ and his sustenance and strength spiritually (and physically and emotionally) to keep on. So we will be encouraging all of us to do this together in our own homes. However we need to prepare for this both practically and spiritually.

You might like to do this together at the dining table or to set aside a table or cloth on which to place the items.

Resources you will want to have ready:

  • Bread or crackers
  • wine (or grape-juice or other drink)

However we also need to prepare spiritually as In 1 Corinthians 11 Paul reminds us that it is possible to take communion in an unworthy manner. By saying this I believe Paul is encouraging us when we prepare to take communion to:

  • Recognise it is a meal for believers who recognise and have confessed the significance of Jesus body being broken and his blood being shed. Do talk with children beforehand about the meaning and significance of communion and do decide whether you feel they are able to recognise and participate in the meaning of the meal.
  • Recognise ‘the body of Christ’. By which Paul means the church. This is not a meal we do on our own but as part of a church family. That is why we believe it is significant to be led in this by church leaders and also why we will do it together at the same time.
  • Recognising it is a meal for all. This meal is not just for the Christians who have got it together but (perhaps more so) for us who are weak, have failed and sinned and who need forgiveness and help. We recognise our need for Jesus and come to communion to receive his forgiveness and help.


As last week the service will be all age appropriate. To participate in the activities you will need an A4 piece of paper or card per person, scissors and felt tips and (optional) some card or other to make a sword.

I will then post the sermon for the day on our YouTube channel in 3 parts for you to watch. I encourage you to watch the first part immediately after the service and the other two parts at a convenient time. I have entitled them WBC Kartereo with the date. The reason for ‘kartereo’ is that this is a Greek word meaning to persevere, endure. It is found, with the prefix ‘pros’ (toward), in Acts 2:42 and is translated ‘devoted’. The early Christians were devoted to the ‘apostles teaching’ and I believe if we are to see the blessings of the early church we too need to be devoted to and persevere in God’s word and the teaching on the Kingdom of God. So do check them out and become devoted, passionate and hungry for God’s word.

Any questions about the service do get in touch and please feel free to invite friends and family from any part of the world to join us – do feel free to send out zoom details but not to post on social media.

Let us continue to look out and support one another as a church fellowship, so if you need any practical support do get in touch with your life group leader or one of the Pastors. 

Warmly in Jesus,