Keep sowing! 

Dear all,

‘Remember this saying. “A few seeds make a small harvest, but a lot of seeds make a big harvest”.’

2 Corinthians 9:6
I have really been challenged by this verse. There is a natural physical principle that is also a spiritual principle. It may seem that we have too much going on but can I suggest that the Lord calls us to sow many spiritual seeds. So I hope like me you see all these opportunities as sowing seeds for a great harvest. So PLEASE READ TO THE END OF THIS so you know where you can help sow some seeds with us.

  1. This Sunday
    • 10:30am Join us for family worship as we begin the year ‘Discovering your 2020 vision’ from Revelation 1
    • 6 O’clock service – Please note the earlier time as we share our vision for a new monthly 6 O’clock service. Join us to discover what we are planning, to pray with us, to be inspired to invite people and perhaps to help us make it happen. We will also be sharing communion together.
  2. Missional Life Groups – Next week we have our 2nd of 3 missional groups. There will be no normal life groups and we are asking everyone to support their local missional group. You should have been invited if you attended the last one if not they are listed in the calendar. The final one in February is in pancake week and we hope many of the groups will do something to draw others in. Any questions do get in touch with me.
  3. Saturday 18th January 5:30pm TOUGH TALK at South Moreton Boxing Club. A great event to invite non-Christian family and friends to. And remember our verse – if you sow lots of seeds (invite lots of people) then there will be a bigger harvest. Not everyone you invite will want to or be able to come but the more seeds you sow……… 
  4. Monday 20th January 8pm ALPHA at WBC. Alpha is a fantastic course that has led many people to become Christians. So do invite friends and family to come. Again the more you invite…..but also the more who attend the more come to faith (partly because it helps to have more non-Christians sharing and discussing). Do invite people to come with you! And if you have never done alpha and want to know more do join us so you can invite friends next time. 
  5. Monday 27th January 8pm. CHURCH MEETING. Please come along as we will be discussing what the Lord may be saying to us about staffing from the Autumn. In particular whether the Lord is asking us to sow more widely with our youth ministries and employ a youth worker. 
  6. Finally as we think about youth can I really encourage you to try and connect your young people (if you have any) with our youth activities. In particular Sunday morning, ROC, Chatterbox and Youth Life group (ROC begins Fri, Sunday school and YLG on Sunday, Chatterbox on 19th) Because the principle of seeds and harvest is particularly relevant as the greater the number, the greater the blessing. And as more commit, more follow. One seed can produce a multiple of harvest. So encouraging your YP to connect makes it easier for other families and Young people and so on… (perhaps even talk to other families and dare I say it even the youth leaders!) 

Finally thank you to all those who sowed seeds over the Christmas period – helping put on and inviting people to ‘Follow the light’, Carol service and Children’s events let us pray we will see a harvest. Thanks in particular to Esther and all the team that were inspired and put in the hard work to allow us to open the church up for ‘Follow the Light’. I still have people stop me in the streets to talk about it. Look out for how you can help with Easter Explored.
So thank you for your partnership as sowers – can I encourage you to keep sowing because in due time we can rejoice together at the final great harvest.
Warmly in Jesus