Exciting term ahead 

Dear all,
We have got a really exciting term ahead. But as I was praying for it the Lord gave me a verse for us.
‘Some people have gotten out of the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that’ Hebrews 10:25 (CEV)
So I am asking you to make a habit to be at church each week. I have just written my latest blog reflecting on this suggesting 6 reasons why we should prioritise Sunday worship;  including ‘It demonstrates faith’, ‘It is the fuel for the miraculous’ and ‘It is the fire for reaching the lost’. You can find it here https://acts2020.wordpress.com/2019/08/24/some-people-have-gotten-out-of-the-habit-of-meeting-for-worship-but-we-must-not-do-that-hebrews-1025-cev/
So get those diaries out and take a note of what is coming up:
Sunday 1st September 10:15am to 11:15am – Bunkfest service on the Kinecroft. Please come along and bring family & friends. Please remember we are there all day Saturday and Sunday at our creative-id tent including a prayer space. Please visit and bring friends and family. Try designing a bespoke bag, children crafts or just relax in the Living room before exploring the prayer zone.
5:30pm Saturday 7th September – The real deal with Rod Williams at South Moreton Boxing club. A great opportunity to hear a story of what Jesus does today. Come along and bring family & friends (not ideal for young children). A great event to invite those not used to church.
10:30am Sunday 8th September – We start our terms series – ‘Challenging questions’ – we will look at and challenge some of the big questions of faith. The aim is to help us explore these questions but also provide an opportunity to invite others who may be interested in exploring these questions. We begin with ‘Does being a Christian take the fun out of life? or provide a foundation for himan flourishing’ This will be our holiday club reunion service as well when the children will have a holiday club special.
7pm Sunday 8th September – we will begin our evening services this term with our next breakthrough praise. As we have done previously this is our termly main church prayer event so we are encouraging everyone to come along.
10:30am  Sunday 15th September – Matt Godfrey will be sharing with us and we will be commissioning Amanda and other leaders during this service.
2pm  – Wedding of Doug and Ingria.
7pm Joint youth prayer meeting at RCC
Then hopefully things return to  a little more normal for our services 10:30am and 7pm each Sunday.
Also remember we are running Alpha again this term for 8 weeks beginning 8pm Monday 23rd September. Please invite anyone asking questions about the Christian faith and do come with them. (We will also be running a daytime alpha on Mondays 16th September probably at 12pm – please let Sue Bright know if you or others are interested in the daytime alpha).
Finally don’t forget your LifeGroups and I am sure your leaders will be in touch in due course. If you are not part of a LifeGroup (what we call our house groups) and are interested in finding out more or being part of one then please do talk to me.
Thank you for all your prayers and support and let us all be determined to get into good habits with church and faith as we begin what is for most of us a very busy term. So prioritise, plan and pray what the Lord is asking of you this term.
Warmly in Jesus