Reflections from Thy Kingdom Come 

Dear Church,
Thank you so much for those who participated in any way in the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative. It was so encouraging, for me at least, to see the candles and posters in peoples windows proclaiming ‘We are praying for this community’ all over the area. It has also been encouraging to hear already of how the Lord has been answering prayers for the ‘5’ you have been praying for!  So do share any testimonies that have come from your prayers during this initiative.
As Faith Leaders we have been asking what might the Lord be saying to the church through this time. We have appreciated all those who wrote down words for us to weigh up. Please do share if you haven’t already.
It has been interesting that the two themes that have come from this period are ‘embedded in local communities’ and ‘young people’.
Therefore as Faith Leaders we ask you to pray with us how we should respond to what the Lord has been doing. These are some suggestions we are praying through and ask you that you join us and also share what you think the Lord is saying about these or other areas.

  1. We should encourage people to keep on praying through Life Groups for their ‘5’. Following the success of the CAP event with evangelist and magician Rod we would like to invite him back in the Autumn for a church wide event where we can begin to invite some of our ‘5’. 
  2. We should commit to pray for our young people. We were encouraged with people from different churches joining to pray for young people in Wallingford on Friday. We want to encourage further prayer and collaboration for local young people
  3. There has been something significant about being ‘embedded’ and purposeful in praying for our local communities. Even more so with new housing estates appearing all over our communities. We are wanting to explore the possibility of forming some geographical life groups as a way to pray, serve and be a presence in our local communities; alternatively missional triplets praying regularly for an area given Jesus said that ‘where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, there I am’. 
  4. There is something significant about ‘eating together’ as a church family. Thank you for those who have joined us at the picnics. Please come along to the next ones. On July 6th at 12:30pm John will open the boxing club up for a free fellowship exercise class for WBC followed by lunch at the pub and we also have a men’s curry night coming up and there is a rumour of a ladies Chinese night. Creating community around food builds community and is an opportunity to draw people into church so we will be exploring this further.

These are four areas we are exploring and praying into, so ask that you join us in prayer. If there are other things that you believe we should be thinking about or praying into, do let us know. We know whatever the Lord is asking of us will mean challenges and sacrifices and that is why it is so important we hear together. So come prepared for our church meeting in July where we will come together to pray, reflect and discern what the Lord might be saying to us. We are committed to listening to the Lord who often speaks through the wider Church - so do share your heart with us.
Finally I hope to see you Sunday when we will continuing to explore Joshua. We will be tackling some of the more difficult verses that confront us in this book. Asking on this Father’s day – Who is the God we pray to? A loving Father or A Holy God?
Warmly in Jesus
(on behalf of the Faith Leaders)