Happy Easter holidays 

Easter is a great opportunity to share what it really means to be a Christian.

Over this last week we have had a number of opportunities to share this in local schools. Gordon and Rhonda led an assembly and workshops in Fir Tree School and I had the privilege of taking 4 Easter assemblies and a lesson. During which one little girl piped up and said ‘When I am a grown up I want to follow Jesus’. Do give thanks for these opportunities to share the Christian story and pray that the seeds we have sown will be watered from heaven.
How can you sow seeds this Easter? Get hold of our flyers and invite friends and neighbours to some of these exciting events (Living room Easter event, Good Friday market place act of witness, Good Friday reflection and Easter morning egg hunt) and let us try and fill the church for a celebration of the Resurrection on Easter day.
In view of the Easter theme the next two Sunday evenings will be looking at two questions of theology which I have been asked about recently and which may be of interest to you. This Sunday at 7pm ‘What happens when you die?’ and 7pm on 14th April ‘Why did Jesus have to die and what did it achieve?’.
In other news (sorry for long email but feel you would want to be kept informed),

  1. I am really excited about the series from Joshua – ‘Prayer that overcomes’ on Sunday mornings after Easter. I really believe this is a prophetic series for us. What does it mean for us to enter the Promised Land, which is what the book of Joshua is about? Deuteronomy 11 tells us that in the promised land the crops and seeds sown will be watered not by the hard work of human irrigation but by rain from heaven. I believe the promised land for us is when the revival waters of heaven touch our families, our community, our church and the seeds we have sown, the prayers we have prayed with tears will finally be able to be harvested and will not need human effort. So I believe this series will help us see breakthrough in our families, community and church. So do join us every Sunday after Easter as we explore this together.
  2. Susie Willers was elected as a new faith leader at our AGM. It is really great to have her on board. We do give thanks for Wendy and Rachel who have now stepped down and all they did as faith leaders. It does mean that we are down one faith leader and have had to find a treasurer and secretary from within the faith leaders. Within the present faith leaders we do not have anyone who can fulfil these roles as have been previously undertaken and so we are reviewing and changing the nature of Church Treasurer and Secretary. David Bright has kindly stepped in to be Church Treasurer but in effect Rachel Tole, although not now a faith leader, but as assistant treasurer has gladly agreed to do the day to day tasks of the treasurer. So she is the best first point of contact for money matters. Nick Gough has kindly agreed to be Church secretary for the next 9 months but will not take on all the tasks usually associated with that role. We will keep you informed about how those task will be fulfilled and may be asking for help from Church members. Do pray for the faith leaders as we continue to work through these practical issues but also seek to discern the spiritual direction of the church. 
  3. Children ministry meeting. On April 28th at 12:30pm after church we are having a meeting for all those involved in or would like to be involved in children’s ministry (primary aged). The main focus will be holiday club and Bunkfest but we will also take some time to assess Sunday school and epic explorers and any other way we can support the children ministry at church. 
  4. 7pm May 5th. Breakthrough Praise 2. We began the year with an evening of praise as a way of seeing praise as a spiritual weapon to bring in the Lord’s blessing. I believe it made a significant difference and brought many of the blessings we have seen this term. We want to repeat at the beginning of next term. 
  5. Finally next term we have the year 6 transition events and Wallingford school prayer space. We will keep you informed when details are confirmed but will be looking for volunteers for these. 

It is a really exciting time to be part of WBC – thank you for your love, support and prayers.
Warmly in Jesus