New term highlights 

For once this summer term has begun with sun and it makes us all feel better. Let us remember the truth as we have just celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus that it is Jesus that brings healing and true joy! ‘The Sun of righteousness will rise with healing in his wings’ Malachi 4:2. So let us bask in the light and warmth of his resurrection. One way we do this is in personal prayer and worship; another is when we come to worship together – so don’t forget to join us to enjoy the Sun each week.
There is a lot happening in the next few weeks so please forgive me highlighting some of these. As you will see from below many from among us are taking the next step in their faith – baptism, dedication, preaching, getting involved in certain ministries – we also have a good number of folk seeking to become church members (if you are interested in finding out more about this then do talk to me). Can I encourage us all to think about what is the next step in our faith because faith demands action because faith without deeds is useless. So what is your next step? – it may simply be getting either myself or Esther to pray with you, or ask Doug to pray for healing for you, or simply coming to one of the extra meetings below . Ask the Lord what He is wanting you to do - and then do it.
This Sunday 28th April
10:30am – Esther finishing off our discipleship series in Luke
12:30pm – a meeting for all those involved or interested in being involved in our children’s ministry, with particular emphasis on Holiday club and Bunkfest this year.
7pm – As a Baptist church we support BMS World Mission (previously called Baptist Missionary Society). This is a mission organization that goes into all the word with the love of Jesus. Do come along and hear about this mission society we support. Be prepared to be informed and challenged as we hear from one of their workers.
Sunday 5th May
10:30am – We begin a new series from Joshua as we shall learn about prayer that overcomes. The service includes an infant dedication.
7pm – "Breakthrough Praise 2" As last term we will begin with some time for breakthrough praise. I believed this was very powerful last time we did this. So once again we are calling the whole church to join us for an hour of praise as a way of seeing the Lord breakthrough in our church, community and families this term. So please make every effort to join us for both morning and evening this week.
Sunday 12th May
10:30am – Baptismal service. We are having a baptismal service so if the Lord is challenging you about baptism then please do speak to me.
7pm – Preaching masterclass. This term we have a different preacher each Sunday evening as some people are feeling challenged to share what is on their heart for the church. This evening I will be looking at ‘What is preaching?’ ‘How do I prepare to preach?’ ‘How should I listen to preaching?’ This will help preachers and congregation alike think about what we are doing in preaching.
Warmly in Jesus